On Wednesday 15 February there will be fourteen fine 3 minute speeches given on the theme of “Broadening My Horizons” by  TTO2 and TTO3 students.

The best of the best

The winners of this school contest will go to the regional contest in Amersfoort on 9 March.  All TTO2 and TTO3 students have written original speeches performed by heart in front of their classmates. There were many good choices to choose from, but this list of the award-winners is the best of the best:


1.Tess Broers (G21)                       4. Nina Lambrechtsen (G21

2. Marnix van Exel (I21)                5. Bente Liefhebber (I21)

3. Floris Hermeler (G21)               6. Diesel Noordervliet (I21)

7. Timo van Rossen (G21)


1. Renee Brouwer (I31)               4. Floor Steinmetz ((I31)

2. Anouk Meurs (G31)                 5. Sophie Takken (G31)

3. Florine Rovers (G31)               6. Daan Willemse (I31)

7. Sara van der Wilt (I31)

The event will be held in the verblijfsruimte, beginning at 14:30 and will be run by two of the 2016 top participants: Magalie van Exel  and Luka de Laat.  Parents and teachers are most welcome to attend.