This year’s theme for the contest was ‘Banksy’. All in all, the Revius drama team ended up as one of the top 4 finalists.

Review by Gerdien Verhoef - drama teacher Revius

Over the past few years I have been waiting for the tto drama contestants to show up for a drama contest very early in the morning, on the platform of a deserted railway station somewhere in the country. This year was different: My colleague and substitute teacher of drama, Noël Romijn, and the participating students were already waiting for me at the station in Driebergen. Coincidentally, thirty-two IBV5 students, their teachers and their guests from the Czech Republic were sharing the platform with us because they were saying goodbye to each other as the Czechs were leaving for Schiphol this morning. That was a warm sendoff to Leiden for the tto-drama contest!

This year’s theme for the contest was ‘Banksy’. Today we saw a lot of different interpretations of the work of this famous, England-based, graffiti artist, political activist and film director.
Lisa Langelaar (TA31), Lena van Huijstee (TA31), Theun Dekkers (TA21)
and Hidde Snippe (TG31), the contestants this year, had created a scene that consisted of three parts. Each part was inspired by a different graffiti object.

Some comments from the judges were: ‘I liked it a lot!’, ‘Good performance’, ‘Brave’, ‘Got a good reaction from the audience’, ‘The three different vignettes worked really well’. Unfortunately, the judges were not in agreement though. Some found the connection between the parts ‘confusing’ or ‘vague’.

All in all, the Revius drama team ended up as one of the top 4 finalists.
Hidde received an honorable mention in the category ‘Best Actor’. He was a very close runner-up.

It was a wonderful -and quite a relaxing- day for me, thanks to the work done by my colleague Noël and the students. The Revius drama contestants have done a great job. They even succeeded in making the audience believe two people were actually kissing on stage. Well done Lisa, Lena, Theun and Hidde!