For the 2018 edition of the TTO Speaking Contest on 31 January with the theme of Living My Fantasy, it turned out that all (9) participants were girls who had been selected months earlier as the best of their respective tto classes. Dagmar Coppens, Amber Wardenier, Klaske Verberkmoes, Loïs de Lange, Suze de Laat, Tess Broers, Wietske Dalinghaus, Juliette Pieters, and Eliza van Hazelen delivered their three minute talks on topics ranging from Literacy to Time Travel to Migration. There were even two talks centered very cleverly on canines. To be fair, it was not all just girls. Tto was helped out by genial co-hosts Hidde van der Hoorn (G31) and Willem-Jan (TA31) who ran the show and announced the winners at the end of the contest:
• Loïs de Lange, First Place TTO2
• Klaske Verberkmoes, Runner-Up TTO2
• Suze de Laat, First Place TTO3
• Eliza Van Haselen, Runner-Up TTO3

TTO students Loïs de Lange TTO2 and Juliette Pieters TTO3 were selected to take part in the Nuffic Regional speaking contest held in Culemborg at the Lek en Linge College on Monday 5 February. Both girls competed against a field of (10) other speakers who had been selected as the best of their respective schools. Our second year student, Loïs de Lange was awarded First Place for TTO2 and will be competing in the National Finals to be held in Amersfoort in mid-April. Congratulations, Loïs !!