We are back again from our trip to Leiden! For five years in a row, we have joined the bilingual education drama competition.


Hard core participants

By now the Revius team is called ‘the hard core participants’ because we are one of the few schools that take part in the contest every year.
It’s an early start for all of us but certainly worth it! This year I was joined by Maas Wassenaar, Charlotte Girbes, Nienke Witkamp en Theun Dekkers.

All five of us arrived with some delay but we were still at the location on time. We found our place, listened to the introduction and received instructions. First we attended a workshop, during which the students met students from different schools and, above all, they had fun with movie classics and Shakespeare quotes. At least, that is what they told me. I wasn’t there because they said they were fine on their own during the workshop.

After our technical rehearsal, which went very smoothly, we were provided with lunch. We were well taken care of in Leiden!

In the afternoon we settled in at the theatre and watched the scenes from all 15 competing schools. This year’s theme: ‘Wake up call’. Some students took these words literally, others interpreted them metaphorically. Trump made several appearances, as did climate change and bullying.

The play that this year’s Revius group wrote, was about coming out as a transgender. The students tried to be as real and respectful as they could. Comments from the jury: ‘Oh, I liked that play! The two friends and the two parents performed very well together. In the scene that had all four of them on stage, there was a very good connection between the actors.’ Also, Maas was complimented for breaking the fourth wall very effectively. He delivered a short monologue, facing an imaginary mirror.

I am very proud of the way the students had handled the subject. It is hard to work on a subject like this, especially because they are only given four minutes of acting. I think the students managed to do this very well.

Certificates in hand we arrived back at the train station. We had just missed our train, so we grabbed something to eat in Leiden and we enjoyed dinner on the platform.

Gerdien Verhoef – drama teacher